Welcome to the
Nutrition Knowledge Hub

The World Health Organization's Learning Platform for Nutrition. We provide a unique space where WHO staff and other interested persons can receive nutrition training through interactive e-learning courses and access comprehensive nutrition knowledge resources.

What is The Nutrition Knowledge Hub?

  • A unique nutrition learning space

    Where WHO staff and other interested parties can benefit from nutrition training through interactive e- learning courses and comprehensive nutrition knowledge resources.

  • A nutrition hub nourished from research and experience-sharing

    The hub draws on empirical evidence and experience from WHO officials and actors who share their work and xpertise with us, in order to promote capacity-building in nutrition.

  • A smart WHO initiative to meet the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition goals

    WHO aims to increase the visibility, efficiency and effectiveness of nutrition action through training activities fostered by the Nutrition Knowledge Hub.

Our Courses


Welcome message from Dr. Svetlana Akselrod, Assistant Director-General for Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health at WHO.